Every day, directly impacted leaders from throughout California are pushing for powerful solutions to the challenges our communities face.

From Oakland to Los Angeles to Sacramento, they are fighting to expand the vote to young people, advocating for an end to police violence, and organizing for justice reform and health for all. In big and small ways, they are shaping California into a state where everyone belongs — and showing that those closest to the problems are best equipped to create real and lasting change.

#HeretoleadCA is a storytelling initiative that celebrates the leadership, power and voice of  multigenerational, AAPI, African American, Latinx and Native American boys and men of color. #HeretoLeadCA is inclusive of transgender, gender nonconforming and LGTQI+ stories. 

The initiative is a project of the California Funders for Boys and Men of Color, which is managed by The Center, in partnership with the Alliance for Boys and Men of Color.

Thanks to our partners for their support of this crucial campaign: